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ICBits Portfolio
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Design's By Lisa
Design's By Lisa
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Lisa's been with ICBits since 2009.  Her business was primarily renting decor items for weddings and parties.  She soon realized that all the work she put into adding search engine informaiton paid off when her company was discovered by various film makers who began renting items to decorate their sets.

Of course, the fact that her site was built around the same time as the IPad was introduced to the market, it needed serious updating.  

Since she LOVED the design, ICBits recode her existing design to not only adhear to the most current web standards, but also to be responsive to mobile devices.  In addition, we added product search functionality, a site map, and various backend tools that helped improve her ability to maintain her website.

Modules used to complete this project:
  • Business Specific
  • Content Module - Intermediate
  • Products - Intermediate
  • Responsive Design
  • Site Map
  • Site Search
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